5 Reason to Visit Portugal

By Go To Portugal

Here are the 5 reasons why you should visit Portugal:

1. The Beaches

Marinha Beach Algarve portugal 5 Reason to Visit Portugal Praia Portugal

With 850 kms of coastline, Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, from the North to Algarve, from Central Portugal to Lisbon and Alentejo, you will find amazing beaches with natural beauty where you can spend great times with your family, surfing or simply sunbathing.

2. The History

Things to do in Portugal portugal 5 Reason to Visit Portugal Pal C3 A1cio da Pena[Palácio da Pena – Sintra]

With over eight centuries of history, Portugal knows how to take care of the treasures of its glorious past. You can admire its long history in the majestic castles, palaces, monasteries and cathedrals. During your visit to Portugal, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the 14 sites listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage.

3. The Gastronomy

Things to do in Portugal portugal 5 Reason to Visit Portugal bacalhau

Portuguese gastronomy is one of the most varied and rich in the world. Thanks to its proximity to the sea, Portugal offers an unmatched quality and freshness of fish and seafood. Try the codfish and the Portuguese grilled fish, I know you’ll enjoy it! Though Portuguese gastronomy is very much influenced by the sea, you can also enjoy the mouth-watering meat dishes, such as the Portuguese steak and carne de porco (pork meat) à Alentejana.

To complement these dishes, taste a good “vinho verde” wine produced in Minho and Douro or choose a red wine from Alentejo. For dessert try the delicious “pastéis de Belém” with a cup of coffee.

4. The Culture

Things to do in Portugal portugal 5 Reason to Visit Portugal Fado

In Portugal, you will find Fado, a melancholic music genre that alludes to the feeling of missing those who left, of love and daily life sadness. When you visit Portugal, go to a Fado concert, you will be amazed by the emotion in each performance. You can also go to some of the music festivals, such as Festival Sudoeste, Nos Primavera Sound, Super Bock Super Rock, Festival de Música do Mundo and Rock in Rio.

5. The Landscapes

Lagoa do Fogo - Azores - Things to do in Portugal portugal 5 Reason to Visit Portugal Lagoa do Fogo

Portugal has a great diversity of landscapes, from the viewpoints in Lisbon to the coastline and the wilderness of the parks of Peneda-Gerês, Alvão, Serra da Estrela – so many astonishing landscapes that will amaze you. Admire Portugal from the top of the cliffs, mountains, castles – look everywhere and enjoy the beauty before your eyes.

Portugal is this and much more. You will discover a wonderful and charming country, in every breath you take. When you visit Portugal you will get to know the friendliness of the Portuguese people, their smile, openness, simplicity and joy of living, making this trip a wonderful experience.

[Source: http://gotoportugal.eu/en/things-to-do-in-portugal/]

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