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Before travelling, consult the indicated average prices of certain products and services, in order to gain an idea of the cost of living in Portugal.
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Cost of living

Before travelling, consult the indicated average prices of certain products and services, in order to gain an idea of the cost of living in Portugal.

Food and drinks
Prices vary in function of the type of establishment and whether or not the cost includes a table service or esplanade service, as a result of which the prices presented are purely indicative.
An espresso coffee, which is so popular amongst the Portuguese and is normally referred to as a “bica”, costs around €0.60 to €0.70 at the counter of a traditional café. A galão (cup of coffee with milk) may cost between €0.70 and €1.20 and a cup of tea between €1 and €1.50.  A glass of natural orange juice costs around €2.50 and a beer or Coca-Cola costs between €1 and €1.50. A cheese or ham sandwich costs between €1.50 and €2.50 and a slice of toast or cake will be less than €2.
If you have a full meal it may be around €8 to €11 per person in a snack bar, between €13 and €20 in a restaurant and around €30 to €50 in a first-class restaurant or Fado house.


An entrance ticket to a Museum, National Monument or exhibition may cost between €1.50 and €8.50. A cinema ticket costs around €6,50. Theatre tickets may vary between €10 and €30 and tickets for concerts, opera or ballet performances between €10 and €75.
In order to watch a bull fight, (the bullfighting season is between Easter Sunday and All Saints day), tickets may vary between €15 and €75, depending on the bull-ring and participants.


The journey between Lisbon and Oporto on the Alfa Pendular train (the fastest and most comfortable train) may vary between €30,30 and €42,40 (2nd or 1st class) and on InterCity trains the price varies between €24,30 and €35.90.
From Lisbon to Faro the fare is between €22,20 and €29.80 on the Alfa Pendular train and between €21 and €27.80 on the InterCity train.
If you want to visit the sights on the outskirts of the capital, train tickets cost €1.25 from Cais Sodré to Belém or from Rossio to Queluz-Belas, €1.55 from Alcântara to Oriente, and €2.15 from Lisbon to either Sintra or Cascais.


Express coaches
There are regular connections between the main Portuguese cities.  The journey between Lisbon and Oporto may cost around €19, between Lisbon and Faro, €20, between Faro and Oporto €31 and between Lisbon and Coimbra €14,50.

In the urban service, the minimum charge (initial price) during the daytime is €3,25 and €3.90 at nighttime, weekends and public holidays. The final fare will be determined in function of the distance travelled and the time.
Ordering a radio taxi results in an additional cost of €0.80 and transport of luggage requiring use of a roof rack or car boot implies a supplement of €1.60.
For transport outside urban areas, the service is paid on a per kilometre basis, and the cost of the return journey is also calculated, regardless of whether or not the passenger makes the return trip.  Normally the price is informed at the start of the trip.

Urban transport

The “Lisboa card” permits the use of all public transport facilities in the city and trains between Lisbon and Sintra or Cascais and also offers free entrance or discounts in monuments, museums or tourism circuits.  The prices are €18.50 for 24 hours, €31.50 for 48 hours and €39 for 72 hours. Prices for children aged between 5 and 11: 24h – €11,50; 48h – €17,50; 72h – €20,50

Carris: A ride on a bus costs €1.80, and on a  tram €2.85.

A simple metro ticket costs €1.40. (
The “Sete Colinas” card which is sold in the ticket kiosks of Carris and the Metro for €0.50, may be charged with a simple ticket, or combined ticket for the Carris and Metro networks that cost €6.00 for one day.


The ”Porto Card” enables unlimited use of all public transport and offers free entrance or discounts on tickets to various monuments and museums, and also for performance venues, cruises on the River Douro, tourism circuits, traditional shops and restaurants.  The pass costs: €5.00 for Walker-1 day,  €10.50 for one day (general), €17.50 for two days and €21.50 for three days.
A bus ride costs €1.80 and a simple metro ticket costs €1.70. Combined tickets for buses, Metro and train within the urban area of Oporto (Andante) cost €7 for one day and €15 for three days.

Petrol and diesel
Prices are set in the free market and vary in accordance with the cost of a barrel of crude oil in the international markets.  At present (2013/02/05), petrol costs around €1.60 per litre, diesel €1,47 per litre and GPL €0,80/litre.



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